Say hello to yellow! #BeDada 

If you do not already have a yellow bag in your wardrobe, now is the time.  
Why? Here are 5 simple and compelling reasons! 

1. Spot on! 
Yellow symbolizes energy, optimism and cheerfulness, it is the shade of our sun’s light and it clears your mind, when you look at it. A yellow outfit therefore radiates self-confidence and joie de vivre. Did you know that our subconscious automatically assigns these features to people wearing this color? I am glowing!  

2. Be a Star! 
Yellow is wonderful to combine. You often hear people say, “(...) I prefer wearing black, it fits well with everything. With colors, I never know what to combine them with.” Here is the answer: Yellow harmonizes beautifully with all the pastel shades like soft pink, baby blue or apricot. In combination with white, it signals freshness, black provides an intense contrast. It is no coincidence that yellow is one of THE trend colors of the year.  

3.Let´s Talk! 
Yellow represents intelligence! With a yellow bag, you definitely have enough topics of conversation. For example, it is nice to know that in China, for a long time, only the emperor was allowed to wear yellow clothes. Today, the color symbolizes tolerance, patience and wisdom. In Thailand, yellow remains the color of the royal family to this day. In the Orient, people like wearing yellow for weddings, and in India, the color drives away evil spirits.  

4. Be a Sunshine! 
On gray days, you are carrying the sun in your hands. A yellow bag is the first impression we convey to people, even when we are not in the mood to shine ourselves.  

5. First Aid! 
One could say you are investing in a good pension plan. Shades of yellow have a detoxifying effect on the body. Yellow boosts the function of the stomach, the intestines, the liver, the spleen, the pancreas and the gall bladder, but also has a positive effect on blood vessels and the musculature. 

Did I say 5 reasons? One other point: in their current DADA Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, AIGNER is offering the most beautiful yellow bags. My current favorite: the Genoveva Bag. Its hallmark - the gold handle. It harmonizes with the buttery-soft leather like never before. 

I love it! Well, are you convinced? 

Yours, Kate 



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