How does the expression go: Miracles keep happening. But what AIGNER presented last Friday during the Fashion Week in Milan was no miracle but simply excellent, as expected. And I'm not just saying that because I write for the AIGNER Online Magazine. No, I'm saying this because with the new Fall/Winter 2018 Collection, AIGNER created something as appropriate for our current times as the cabinets of wonder (or cabinets of curiosities), which Creative Director Christian Alexander Beck was inspired by, were in the Late Renaissance and the Baroque period.

These precursors of today's museums contained objects of different origins and purposes. This resulted in exciting contrasts between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the real and the surreal as well as between opulence and minimalism. During the upcoming season, Creative Director Christian Alexander Beck uses prints and embroideries from faraway countries as well as ocelot patterns and combines them with clean forms and surfaces. Materials and delicate details are skilfully mixed with solid fittings and metal parts. The runway looks are inspired by old arts and distant travels, whose places of origin and impressions make for a fascinating diversity.

The hairstyling, the waves inspired by Hollywood's old glamor, in combination with an undone sleek look in the lengths, and make-up in natural shades of bronze with a golden shimmer perfectly complemented the looks. 

And so it happened that a dressing gown from the twenties encountered an embroidered sweater from the nineties. Parkas and biker jackets were decorated with oriental brocade and sequined sleeves and classics like the AIGNER Cybill Bag were inspired by the opulence of the Art Deco of the twenties and the nonchalance of the seventies.

We can prepare for intense colors like PERSION BLUE, AMBER, ORANGE, SCARLET RED and OLIVE GREEN, which serve as antithesis to more muted shades like LINEN WHITE, BURGUNDY, CAMEL BEIGE and CLAY BROWN. This combination provides the mystical touch. 

Here are my favorite bags for the new season:

Diadora Lucida Bag


Genoveva Medina Bag


Lola Bag

This melting pot of ideas, a smorgasbord of contrasting things which do not match at first glance, but seem interesting and harmonic overall, yielded probably the most modern bag collection of our times. It will be available in the AIGNER stores and online starting June 2018.


I am looking forward to it

Yours truly, Kate

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