For weeks, when we were talking about fashion, it has been about all summer. We're wearing the spring collections and are nevertheless freezing. But now, as the days are getting longer and the good mood seems to come from a sufficient dose of vitamin D, it is about time to banish the last little bit of winter from our hormone balance. 

Here are my undisputed Top 10 for a cheerful start to the new season: 

1. Daylight and fresh air 
Let's hit the road and get some fresh air. Take the bike or go on foot whenever possible. Is there anything prettier than rosy cheeks after a long walk in the fresh air? 

2. Place the focus on a new handbag 
Even though your coat might still appear heavy and gray. You need a bag which can really make your eyes shine. Like the AIGNER Amber Bag from the current Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. Because it flatters every pale complexion and sets new fashion standards with its silver metal fittings. Follow point 1 and show it to the big wide world! 

3. Music. Loud and cheerful
The best thing is to listen to it in a place where nobody might feel bothered when you sing along at the top of your voice. This is how, in the car and under the shower, you will be steeling yourself for an exhausting day. 

4. A sumptuously glittering key fob 
One which can outshine the sun and is so big that you will not be able to misplace it! 

5. Reading jokes and making others laugh 
After the third joke, not only the corners of your mouth will be facing upwards. And what makes us happier than being happy together?!?!  

6. A new lipstick 
If you are not the lipstick type, you can also invest in rouge. Pink & Apricot will conjure up fresh cheeks for us.  

7. A visit to the hairdresser's 
A few highlights will also make your soul sparkle. 

8. Colorful clothes 
This is also how the clean AIGNER Amber Bag comes into its own.  

9. Apply sunscreen 
to your arms and décolleté. 

10. Bake an apple pie, 
place your AIGNER Amber Bag, whose color will be a feast for the eyes, next to it and then post the picture on Instagram. Hashtag #AIGNERLOVE    

Love, Yours truly, Kate 


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