I am always being asked just how I found my style. But what is a great style? Can you learn it, maybe even buy it or is there a secret to always wearing stylish clothes?  For me, a personal style has much to do with having understood oneself, feeling comfortable and appreciating oneself. Being oneself and representing something of one's own, individual. Especially considering today's rapidly changing and innumerable trends, which come and go so quickly.  However, it does not take a lot to feel comfortable and also prove that you have style. I can give you the following tips on how to accomplish this:   

1. Focus on good quality, 
because especially in the case of handbags, you can tell if it's there at first glance.  

2. Find the cut which matches your body form. 
I prefer buying clothes which are a little too big than those which are too small and tight. 

3. Pay attention to your posture – indoors and outdoors. As a matter of principle, you can wear almost anything if you also wear a smile and a straight back.      

With these tips in mind, I want to show you my outfit for today, with the Crush Bag from AIGNER's current #AIGNERLOVE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. And the name of the 'Crush' series is no coincidence, because I immediately had a crush on it.    

I combine the studded, rather rock-like bag with a linen skirt and an understated shirt, feminine and subtle. This bag offers that certain something to flower dresses, shift dresses, but also jeans, and this is exactly what makes us and our looks interesting, wouldn't you agree?   

Love, Yours truly, Kate  

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