During the springtime, the leo print had already crept up on us on silent paws, now it will pounce with full force. We have been loving this wild print on shoes, coats, blouses and pants since well before this season. However, AIGNER courageously applied it to none other than the iconic Cybill Bag and has catapulted it to a hunted object of desire with the ocelot print on a pony skin look over its entire surface.    

But before we are plunged into a state of shock and awe, let's calmly confront the new must-have bag. We can still caress it, flirt with it and win its trust in the AIGNER shops. But this new kitty is popular! Whether in my size S or in the cool mini version, you have to hurry up! If you want to play it safe, you can also order it directly online. I took the Cybill Bag Fiera out for the first time at the beginning of July during the Fashion Week in Berlin. It did not matter what outfit I was wearing, the bag was always the absolute eyecatcher and the number one topic of conversation. 

Since I had imposed a limit of two bags for two days of Fashion Week on myself, I was excited to see how the Cybill Bag Fiera and the Belt Bag would lend themselves to my different fashion week looks. I already showed you my outfits with the Belt Bag last week. In the end, I was surprised how highly versatile not only the Belt Bag, but also the Cybill Bag Fiera with the ocelot pattern can be. As a true friend of the pattern mix, I already appreciate the wildest combinations, but the bag also cut a great wild figure next to my light yellow summer dress.  

And now you will have to excuse me, I have to show off this bag! 

Yours, Kate

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