What else, if not cybill bag?


What would a new AIGNER collection be without a new Cybill Bag? It is still my favorite bag every season. It is always the right choice. In order to show you that once again, I combined it with a gypsy holiday look last weekend - with a straw hat and a linen blouse. Because those who still believed the Cybill Bag was a pure business bag are completely wrong. During the last years, it has been so much more for me. An incredibly practical diaper bag for example, which not only stood the test on the stroller, but also in everyday life on all the playgrounds. Its robust leather and generous compartments always gave me the feeling of being extremely organized, even when I felt truly chaotic on the inside. By now, I even carry small purchases, bathing stuff and important documents in this bag or use it as a cool flight companion. 

What always surprises me about it are its new seasonal colors and special editions which Creative Director Christian Alexander Beck creates every season. In particular, I fell in love with the shade of olive. In my eyes, it is a chameleon color which adapts to me and my outfits at will. Green, gray, brown – it can be everything. And that is why I love and appreciate it! Do you also have a favorite Cybill Bag? Are there colors which have never been there before? 

Have a colorful day!
Yours truly, Kate


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