Kate Moss is a symbol of freedom, empowerment and strength - an icon that influences the fashion world with her effortless styles. She is the face of the new Fall/Winter 2022 collection “Progress“, which represents development, dynamism and innovation.

“Progress“ means playing with new creative ways of doing things, while never losing sight of one‘s own style. At the campaign shoot at Big Sky Studios in London, star photographer Liz Collins stages supermodel Kate Moss with a vibrancy that is spellbinding. The images portray a sense of femininity and self-confidence that focuses on one’s own individuality. The two internationally renowned stylists Sam McKnight (hair) and Val Garland (makeup) highlight this idea with a natural styling.

The looks of the campaign are cool and casual with that certain something - very à la Kate Moss. At the same time, they also represent the core of the brand: AIGNER is elegant, but not too classic. Casual, but not too sporty. Trendy, but not limited.

The leather dress, designed especially for the shoot, in combination with the DELIA Bag radiates elegance and coolness. The MAGGIE Bag with a newly developed quilting is shown with a cashmere sweater, leather shorts and 90ies platform boots from the Fall/Winter 2022 shoe collection – a casual Kate signature look. The Dadino print, an AIGNER classic, is also taken up this season with the new MIRA series - this time in nylon with a puffer look. To match, a quilted trench coat in Dadino pattern was designed for the shoot. The FILO Bag is styled with an extroverted leather all-over outfit with a net body and gloves. The gaudy suit in “Orchid Pink“, paired with the ALONA bag, creates a self-confident look.

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