Life is as colorful as you can imagine. And even though you may favor modest basics, do you still look for that certain something? Very good, then I have a new bag for you! AIGNER’s Savona Bag is one of the bags you can really wear all the time. I call this kind of handbag the “feel good bag”, because we have one less thing to worry about when combining our outfits, and they always complement our looks and make us appear authentic. We can wear them day to night, and simply feel comfortable with them.

Moreover, the Savona Bag is THE highlight from AIGNER’s current Enlightenment Fall/Winter Collection 2019. With its two gold shackles on the front of the bag, the design evokes the equestrian sports vibe, which in turn fabulously reflects the history of the long-established company from Munich - just like the newly designed embossed pattern with the logo.

Marvelous! This brilliant shade of nude is one of the key colours of the season, as well as the bison brown I already showed you.

I am pairing my colourful outfit with the nude Savona Bag and enjoying the calm this bag brings to my look. How would you create your look with the Savona Bag? 

Enjoy yourselves,
Yours, Kate

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