I am often asked what completes an ensemble and how would I describe my style; and my answer is the same to both questions – it is all about the right accessories. My outfit today is built around the Fiorentina principle – creating your look around a handbag.

The Fiorentina bag from AIGNER's Spring/Summer 2019 DADA collection sets new standards and I was immediately drawn to its gold subtleties and the frame silhouette. Contrasting between round and regular forms add excitement and fun to the styling. Regardless if you're pairing it with a short overall in a matching colour, or wearing it simply with jeans and a t-shirt, the AIGNER Fiorentina bag's vividness alone definitely elevates every look. In my opinion, if the bag is a perfect match for me, it is a perfect match for everything! 

Find your inspiration and get fun creating different looks with the Fiorentina bag! 

Yours, Kate  

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