One of the most inspiring autobiographies I have ever read was written by Iris Apfel, a New Yorker. I can tell you that everybody just has to like her – with her charm, her sense of humor and her special sense for colors and fabrics; at 97 years old, she is probably the oldest teenager I know, but also the biggest style icon of our time. You cannot even imagine how ecstatic I was when I heard that AIGNER was able to persuade her to head a campaign for the second time.  

Like no other, Iris Apfel represents the idea of an independent style. At 97, she has no commitment to any fashion trend, she is only committed to her very own style. When you think about how many fashion periods she has experienced, this shows her very particular sense and taste for special things, which we can all still learn a lot from, all the more. She always states her opinion: “Style is not a question of age”.  

One of my favorite statements of her for example: “I do not dress in order to be looked at – I dress to please myself. To me, the biggest fashion faux-pas is to look in the mirror and not see yourself”. Has Iris Apfel not summed that up perfectly? 

This is why Iris Apfel is perfectly cast for the campaign for AIGNER’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection. She does not follow a common trend, but an independent idea, ENLIGHTENMENT. Patterns with flowers, checks and the AIGNER logo rapport are typical for the collection - they can be found in all segments of the collection, from bags through accessories and shawls to shoes. In addition, there is a deep shade of black - not only as a mandatory color in many bag series, but also in the new leather jackets, coats and vests made of soft leather with a puffed style.  

The interior designer, who by the way even furnished the White House together with her husband Carl Apfel and his textile company Old World Weavers, was embedded into the world of patterns in a way that is consistent with the bag designs and looks. So with her extraordinary personality, she highlights the new models like “Dea Bag”, “Epona Bag” and “Milano Bag” as well as the Signature Bag “Cybill” amidst a sea of flowers, in a checkered room and in front of a wall covered with the AIGNER horseshoe, which has been the brand’s unique signature since its foundation in 1965. Thus, together with Iris Apfel, the products take center stage and are given room to flourish.  

Regarding the choice of photographer and location, AIGNER also capitalized on big names: Ruven Afanador and his team shot in the exclusive Milk Studios in New York and, thanks to a dramatic photographic style, managed to lend a luxurious, modern and unmistakable look to IRIS APFEL and the AIGNER Collection. 

Two Icons together get a legend. 

I hope that during the next weeks, you will enjoy the ENLIGHTENMENT collection as much as I do. 

Yours, Kate



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